6 Reasons to Study in College Park

6 Reasons to Study in College Park

How far am I away? What is nearby? What is the school like? And, will I even like it there? Here are 6 reasons to love studying at College Park, Maryland.

Big 10 School

University of Maryland is a big 10 school and has a vibrant school pride that lingers through the campus!

Lake Artemisia

Grabbing fresh air is easy in College Park with nature walks like Lake Artemisia in your backyard! Grab a fresh cup of coffee and take in the scenery of the lake nearby.

School fountain

You wouldn’t think that a school fountain would make the top 6 reasons to study at College Park but indeed it has! For generations students have gathered in the school fountain, floaties and all, to enjoy the sun on a warm summer day!

Live Music

College Park is home to many live music venues such as MilkBoy ArtHouse! Join for an open mic night or buy tickets to one of their weekend shows! Live music is never at lack when you study in College Park!


While the east coast winters can be tough, there is nothing like the greenery that comes out at Spring time in College Park! Take a walk around University of Maryland and you will be quickly captivated by the many Maple trees that surround the campus!

History next door

One of the greatest things about studying in College Park is the accessibility you will have to all the history the United States has to offer. Ditch the book on the Washington Monument and head over for a guided tour to take it in for yourself!