Living here

Explore life at Terrapin Row

This isn’t about student housing. Terrapin Row is about student living.

Located right in the heart of College Park, Maryland and just a few steps away from the University of Maryland; Terrapin row gives you the luxury of living off-campus with the convenience of living right on!

Wake up and walk

The cool East Coast breeze and a fresh cup of coffee from The Board and Brew make every morning in College Park a great morning! Whether you’re looking to grab a bite to eat at College Park Diner, cook some pancakes in your state of the art kitchen, workout in our fitness centers, or just take a stroll around and see all College Park has to offer. When you’re living life at Terrapin Row, the heart of College Park is in your own back yard!

Get out and explore

College Park is the hub spot for all things historical and hilly! If you drive just 12 miles out of College Park, you will find yourself in the heart of Washington D.C! Spend your day checking out National Monuments like The White House and The Lincoln Memorial or head towards Virginia and explore the Shenandoah Mountains! Whatever you do, you will quickly see, how life on the East Coast always provides a new place to explore!

Ludwig Field Paint Branch Stream Valley Park

Get to school and anywhere any way you want

Just because you’re living off-campus, doesn’t mean campus is far away. When you call Terrapin Row home, you are just steps away from the University of Maryland campus. However, if you’re looking to adventure out a little bit further and need to catch a flight out of town, Ronald Reagan Washington National airport is always just an Uber ride away!

Stay home and study

Can’t make it to campus but need to keep up with classes and classmates? Invite them over to our lounge area and stay caught up! We have designed a space that is comfortable, convenient, quiet, and quick! With blazing fast internet and brand-new computers, we want to make sure your school work is done and it is done within the convenience of your own community!

Fitness when it fits for you

You need something that fits your schedule and let’s be honest, your class schedule can get a little crazy! That’s why we’ve given you 24 hour access to our fitness center! No more rushing home from class to make your group fitness class on time!

Turf-Volleyball-Court Social-Courtyards-with-Outdoor-Kitchen,-and-TV

Dinner and downtime

With a day of classes behind you, it’s time to relax and refuel. Your kitchen is equipped with everything you need to prepare a dinner with friends or a cozy meal for yourself. However, if eating out sounds better, walk just a few blocks down and grab a burger at Logan Tavern!

Shop 'til you drop

College Park is home to many unique boutiques, retailers, and eateries. Beltway Mall, just a few miles from Terrapin Row is home to over 100 stores! Whether you’re looking to dress to the 9’s on a Friday night or in the market for a new pair of running shoes; when you live at Terrapin Row, there is a store for you!

Hey to History

If you make the trek just 12 miles west of Terrapin Row, you will find yourself surrounded by monuments and historical land marks of Washington D.C.. A travel destination for many is now in your very own backyard!

Explore life in College Park

When it comes to living at College Park near the University of Maryland, there is so much to do and see! If you’re look to grab a cup of coffee with friends, The Coffee Bar provides a unique, historic, and vibrant atmosphere. Or, catch a breath of fresh-air by going for a stroll down the Paint Bench Stream Valley Park. Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do; living at Terrapin Row makes it possible for you!

We are officially LEED certified!

LEED certified buildings save money, improve efficiency, lower carbon emissions and create healthier places for people. They are a critical part of addressing climate change and meeting ESG goals, enhancing resilience, and supporting more equitable communities. Terrapin Row is dedicated to meet the LEED system goals, which include enhancing community quality of life, reducing our contribution to climate change, protecting and restoring water resources, and more! Learn more about LEED at